1. Will you make me throw all of my "stuff" away?

No! You always make the final decision. I will facilitate you in making decisions...your home is your sanctuary and I want you to be surrounded by the things you love.

2. On average, how long does is take?

All jobs vary, depending on the size of the room, amount of possessions, and how many people are working.  Your decision time will also be a factor. Keep in mind that working with papers takes longer, so offices will require more time.

3. What do I have to buy?

Please have some large trash bags available, as I will use them for trash and item that will be donated.  A few boxes would be great to sort items.  Please don't buy organizing products...I will make suggestions on bins, baskets, shelves etc. once I see what is going back into your space.  

4. What should I do before you arrive?

Nothing! Please do not clean up for me, as I would like to see your home in its usual state.  This allows me to see what is and what is not working.  From there, I will be able to suggest new systems for you.

5. My entire house is disorganized; where do we start?

Its okay to feel overwhelmed.  Part of my expertise is in the ability to assess your needs and together we can decide on the best options. Usually, I start in the area that bothers you the most.  You will feel much better once that area is completed.

6. I can't afford a Professional Organizer.

Think about how long it might take you to organize your space.  I can usually organize it in one day or less!  Also think about how many times you've tried to organize a space, but have never finished.  Being organized can help one to save time, and therefore money.  You can't afford not to become organized!


7. How much does it cost?

Only at the end of a consultation will I be able to estimate the time and costs involved. 

8. Will you tell my neighbors about my messy home?

Of course not!  I am bound by the NAPO Code of Ethics, so my work is always confidential.  All client information either written or verbal is held in confidence.  

9. Do I need to be home during the sessions?

It is your choice.  Some clients like to work alongside me, while others prefer not to participate in the process.  Part of my job is teaching, so I will need time with you to transfer the organizing skill and explain the new systems.  If you do not learn this information, your house could go back to its previous state of disorder. 

10. I'm embarrassed since my house is such a mess - but I want to get organized.  

This is a very common feeling, so many people say, "Its going to be the worst (fill in the blank, office, garage, bedroom) you've ever seen!" I can assure you that I have seen it all.  I applaud you for taking the first step; asking for help.  I am confident that it won't be long before you feel better and breathe easier.  

11. What if I have to cancel my appointment?

If for some reason, (other than a true emergency) you need to cancel my session, I request that all clients call within 48 hours of the appointment. After one emergency cancellation, a full session fee will be charged.